“Highwayman Love” – Conisboro’ Church Society’ Production.

February 1931

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 13 February 1931

“Highwayman Love”

Conisboro’ Church Society’ Production.

The operatic society of St. Peter’s Church, Conisboro , have this week given their ambitions production, of “Highwayman Love,” which opened to an appreciative audience on Wednesday evening, was repeated last night, and will be repeated again Monday and Tuesday.

The piece was effectively staged and plated. The performance went through with an entertaining swing. The society is well with principals, particularly on the male side; and the ladies made up in charm what they lacked in volume.

Mr. W. Burton jun., enhanced his reputation in the role of Genera Mannering, and Mr Norman Hunt admirably sustained the romance of the Highwayman’s part. Mr. J. Cooper made a debonair Sir Harry, and Mr. W. Burton, was an imposing Sgt. Mustard. Mr Herbert Fowler gave a clever characterisation of Solomon Smug, and as the villains of the piece Messrs. C. Urch and C. Brooke “brought the house down.”

Mrs. Herbert Fowler made a dainty and showed ta in musical numbers . Miss M. Peck was a sprightly Isabel and played with vivacity. Miss L Thomas, Mrs. Oswald, Mrs. S. Harrison, Miss M. Burton, and Miss M. Laughton also played effectively as did Messrs. A. Sheppard, C. Burton, S. Harrison, and Horace Fowler.

The dancing was well done under the supervision of Mrs. Sheppard. Mr J.E. Greathead was an efficient stage manager, and Mrs. W. Burton, jun., played an important part as accompanist. Messrs. H. H. Sharp, W. A. Twelves, and H. Brocklesby did good work as orchestra. The Vicar (Rev. Harry Lee) got through successfully the heavy work of production and conducting, and has his reward in a highly successful production.