His Fourth Term of Office – Ald. Roberts Conisbrough Chairman

May 1956

South Yorkshire Times May 12, 1956

Ald. Roberts Conisbrough Chairman
His Fourth Term of Office

County Alderman Ben Roberts, J. P. was on Wednesday elected this year’s chairman of Conisbrough Urban Council, his fourth term of office in this capacity. He was previously chairman in 1948. 1933-34 and 1939-40. This year he has been chairman of the Council’s finance and road safety committees and vice-chairman of the council.

Ald. Roberts has been a member of the Council since 1930. A member of the West Riding County Council since 1934 and an Alderman for nearly 5 years.

Ald. Rabbits thanked the members for electing him chairman. “We have seen some good work done during Councillor Cheshire’s term of office, but there is still a great deal of work to be done and I will do my best to meet the services of the public,” he said.

County Coun. J. Prendergast was elected vice-chairman.

Coun. Cheshire was thanked by all members of the Council for his “good work during the past year.”

Ald. Roberts said that Coun. Cheshire had the confidence of the members and the public. “He has worked hard and taken in interest in practically every committee of the council and had always seen that the best service is given to the public.”

Coun. D. Sheldon paid tribute to the work of Coun. Cheshire in connection with Denaby Baths. “He has perhaps done more in this work than any of the chairman has been able to do. We have had returns from the baths this year and made a profit, largely due to his work,” he said.