His Two Chances Came Together at Conisbrough

March 1958

South Yorkshire Times March 8, 1958

His Two Chances
Came Together at Conisbrough

Fifteen years old Kenneth Whitehead, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Whitehead, of 21, Conan Road, Conisbrough, was keen to join the Police Force but just as keen to play football for Sheffield Wednesday when he left school nearly a year age.

He had an interview and medical examination for the Police Force and his name was taken at a local football match by a Sheffield Wednesday “scout.”

To-morrow (Saturday) he was to have gone to Sheffield for a trial, but on Monday he had to report at Selby to join the Police as a Cadet and so has lost his immediate chance to play for Sheffield Wednesday. He has been told, however, that the trial can be postponed until he has settled down in his new life.

His mother told a “South Yorkshire Times” reporter that Kenneth had been working as a brickyard labourer since he left school, to fill in time before he joined the Police Force.

“He was keen on getting his trial with Sheffield Wednesday and he was keen on getting into the Police, but he didn’t expect them both to come at once after waiting a year,” she said.

Kenneth played for Denaby Tom Hill Youth Club under 18 and under 16 teams and holds a Doncaster Boys’ League cup winner’s medal and a league winner’s medal, he is a former student at Conisbrough Northcliffe Modern school.