Hockey – Conisborough Victoria 6 Cudworth 0

February 1921

Mexborough & Swinton Times, February 1921


Conisborough Victoria  6  Cudworth  0

At Conisborough.

Cudworth arrived minus a player, but Victoria made up this deficiency and an interesting game ensued. The pace set at the commencement was fast, and it was maintained throughout the game; even a downpour of rain, which lasted about half the match, did not dampen the ardour of the contestants.

The first goal was netted by E.N.B.Meacock, who gathered a well-placed pass from Miss E Rawdling just on the circle edge, and with a fine inverted stick shot found the mark. Soon after this, B.B.Clarkson got through to register number two. Then Cudworth got busy, and a good shot from the left gave the Victoria goalie no chance, half-time arriving Victoria 2, Cudworth 1.

During the next half Victoria had the major portion of the play. Though Cudworth raided fairly often, Victoria defence was sound and their halves kept the forwards well supplied with passes. Fine combinations on Victoria’spart resulted in Meacock and Clarkson, adding two more goals each, the game resulting:

Victoria 6

Cudworth 1

In addition to the players mentioned Miss B.M.Clarkson, A.G.Moore and E.Wainwright played good games. Victoria have now played 19 matches, won 16 and scored 110 goals against 30.

On Good Friday morning there will be a men´s match on the Three Acres, the opposing teams being “the nomads” and “the vagrants,” and an interesting game is anticipated. We expect some other players in this match to be “capped,” not as a result of it, but with the result of it.

The world famous Toploft team has challenged the winners a Pontrance.