Hockey Notes – Conisboro’s Distinction

5 November 1919

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 05 November 1919

Hockey Notes.

Conisboro’s Distinction

Conisboro’ have a strong mixed side this season, and as yet have not been beaten. Against Doncaster Greenhouse they piled up five goals and had two against them. Doncaster missed many chances in the visitors’ circle. Although the score exaggerated the difference in the strength of the sides, there is no getting away from the fact that Conisbro’ forwards are very smart, the centre-forward, B. B. Clarkson, and the inside-left, Sharp, making full use every opportunity. Webster, at centre-halt, works hard.

Doncaster Greenhouse side has a tendency to crack up if faced with deficit, and they are not having the best of ‘fortune in their games. Most of the members are young players, and it is hoped that, with more experience they will improve considerably.