Holiday in America For Denaby Mother

November 1959

South Yorkshire Times November 7, 1959

Holiday in America For Denaby Mother

In July Mrs. Doris Niettleship the wife of Mr. L. Nettleship, of 35 Tickhill street, Denaby Main went  for a three month holiday to visit her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dwain Depew, at Moline Kansas, U.S.A.

The trip by air was arranged and paid for by her daughter. She and her husband and their son Leslie gave Mrs. Nettleship a fine time during her stay.

Mrs. Nettleship returned home last week and was full of praise for the people she met. While out there she celebrated her 55th birthday on October 71,111. On that day she received a telephone call from a neighbour’s house asking her Ito call during the morning. When she did so, she found about 16 ladies assembled waiting to sing “Happy birthday to you” and they had made a cake.

In the evening she was called to another celebration of young people assembled in honour of her birthday, and they had a happy party including games, refreshments, and she received gifts of flowers.

For Mrs. Nettleship this visit has been the thrill of a lifetime. On the return journey she made the 95 mile from Moline by car to join the plane, and part of the journey was made in a helicopter. She passed over New York City by plane and they made a stop at Chicago.

She left her relatives very well, and they send greetings to all their friends and relatives in England.