Home Coal Carting Committee

February 1932

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 05 February 1932

Coal Carting.

The 12th annual meeting of the Home Coal Carting Committee was held on Sunday in the Welfare Institute, and splendid progress was reported.

The expenditure was £4,618 and there was a credit balance of £2,264. Items of expenditure were wages £2145, officials £102, committee £76, delegates £25, motor expenses £1,194, horsekeep £44, rates, taxes and tithes £49, insurances £36 hospital and doctors’ contributions £21; Donations: Pensioners’ tea £22, flood distress fund £10, Herbert Smith testimonial £100, air compressor £35, and new lorries £633.

There was cash in hand £8; at bank, general account £37, No. account £663; Deposit account £1,554. Collections from workmen brought in £4924. The profit and loss account showed a net profit of £559. The balance sheets showed assets £5,774, which include land and buildings £1,396, plant and machinery £153, ferry boat £90, horse, cart and harness £45, motor lorries £1,431.

The profit was less than that of last year, due to the fact that hundreds of loads of coal were delivered free during the temporary stoppage for alterations at Denaby Colliery. It was decided to make a reduction in the carting charges of 3d. in Denaby and 6d. outside Denaby.

The question of the destination of the funds was raised. It was decided that in the event of the pits being worked out (an unlikely contingency yet, for the pita are generally accepted as still having 60 years’ life) the funds will be handed over to the Denaby and Cadeby Mutual Help Fund; if that ceases, to the Fullerton Hospital.