Honouring Conisbrough Heroes – Presentation to Gallant Sergeant R.A.Jarvis

November 1918

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 9, 1918

Honouring Conisbrough Heroes
Presentation to Gallant Sergeant

Mr Mrs JH Blackett kindly offered to assist the above pawned by placing the Globe Picture Palace at the disposal of the committee last Sunday evening. There was an excellent response by the public, the whole being fact, and unfortunately many would be supporters of the fund had to be turned away.

Mr Blackett evidently hit the right choice of subject, “the Life of Lord Kitchener.” The pictures, exhibited in seven part, were dated with the corresponding phases in Lord Kitchener’s life amongst the Arabs as Sirdar of Egypt, in India, and in South Africa.

The coroner United Brass band (conductor Mr George Lewis) opened proceedings with a selection.

After the conclusion of the pictures the band played a selection of National air Mr WH George expresses bride holding the position as chairman of the Heroes Committee.

Their object, was to provide a suitable memorial to the many Conisborough lads who had fought in defence of their King and country. Those lads laid down their lies to defeat the Germans. (Applause). There would later be a house-to-house collection. They were also met to witness the presentation of the Military Medal and Belgian Croix de Guerre to Sergeant Reginald A. Jarvis–(applause)—by Capt-. H. C. Harrison.

Capt. Harrison said: The audience, which was the largest he had ‘seen in that building, showed they were in sympathy with the object, and he wished the effort every success. The Heroes’ Fund was worthy of all the support they could give to it. We at home, who had experienced a few air raids and dropping of bombs, had no idea of what the lads in the trenches in Flanders had to go through. He hoped they would subscribe generously to this worthy fund.

He was pleased to be chosen to present the medals to Sergt. Jarvis, as he was a neighbour of his. He (Captain Harrison) had a short conversation with Sergeant Jarvis. He was extremely modest, like all

heroes, and would not speak of himself. These medals had not been gained at the pit or by attending a picture palace; they were for ” bravery on the field.”     (Applause)

Whilst Capt. Harrison pinned the medal on Sergt. Jarvis’ breast the audience stood and the band played the National anthem, and on receiving the Croix de Guerre the Belgian National Anthem.

Sergeant Jarvis, in returning thanks, said many lads had won medals, but did not get them.

He had only done his duty, like many other Tommies were doing theirs in France and elsewhere.

Mr Jesse Hill proposed a vote of thanks to Mr and Mrs Blackett, Captain Harrison, the Palace staff, and the Conisbrough Band (who were always ready to give their assistance) also to the members of the Heroes Committee