Horse Astray at Denaby.

October 1891

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 30 October 1891

Horse Astray at Denaby.

Josiah Venables, greengrocer, Denaby, was charged with having allowed his horses to stray at Conisborough on the 16th inst.

Police constable Hannam gave evidence to the effect that the animals were straying on the Denaby road, new Conisborough. IHe tried to catch them but they rushed past him.

Police constable Trueman was also called.

The defendant’s wife stated that boys were in the habit of running the horses and stoning then. Her husband had often repaired the fence and put on chains and locks. He had threatened to prosecute anyone he found doing damage

ln answer to a question, an officer said boys played football in the field, and the fence was bad.

The defendant’s wife said it was not their grass land ; they rented it. After the losses had left the field as stated by the policeman they went direct to where her husband lived and he got up and let them in. She had previously complained about four boys interfering with the horses. They got behind the stable and hit them with a stick. The fence of the field had been repaired three or four times and it was broken down now. Her husband had reported the matter to the police, and when they thus spoke to the police they naturally expected the officers ought to do their best for them.

Ordered to pay the costs, 9s 6d.