Hospital Demonstration – Miners and Mr. Walton, M.P.

July 1919

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 07 July 1919

Miners and Mr. Walton, M.P.

Mr. James Walton M.P. was the principal speaker at the annual hospital demonstration at Conisborough yesterday, and in the course of his address, he made reference to decision of the Cadeby Main branch of the Yorkshire Miners’ Association, not to take its usual part in the demonstration because of his presence.

The best labour man they had Conisborough, he said, could not excel him (Mr. Walton) in earnestness and enthusiasm for the cause of the workers. It was only that he differed with some of his Labour friends about the best method of achieving legitimate Labour objects.

The decision to abstain from supporting hospital demonstration on this account showed a mean and narrow spirit. They should never allow political feeling to enter into an occasion of that kind. The hospital movement was purely Christian, and entirely non-political. He was glad to learn that the action of the branch had been condemned by some of its members.