Hospital Demonstration

July 1898

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 8, 1898

On Sunday, July 3 the annual Hospital demonstration was held at Conisbrough in a field lent by Mr B.J.Clarkson.

The weather was beautifully fine, and a very great number of people were present. What chiefly attracted my attention whilst watching the procession, was a large number of juvenile members of the different friendly societies, and the absence of the Cadeby Main miners.

Of course, I know a good few of the Cadeby men were in the procession with friendly societies, but what I should like to know is why they did not turn out with their banner as Denaby miners did? Surely my Cadeby friends, an object like this is worthy of your support!

The music was capitally rendered by Mr Sharpe’s choir and band. Owing to the extreme long windedness of one of two of the speakers, the programme had to be considerably curtailed, and the music loving portion of the congregation was consequently rather disappointed. In future I would advise Hospital committee not to have so many speakers.

It is awfully tiring to have to sit and listen to speaker after speaker all practically saying the same thing, especially when there is a splendid choir and band anxiously waiting to give all splendid music.