House Letting – Conisbrough Council’s Discussions

August 1947

South Yorkshire Times August 23, 1947

House Letting
Conisbrough Council’s Discussions

Conisbrough Urban Council discussions on the system of council house letting were continued on Wednesday. The meeting was in private, and yesterday the following official statement was issued on the Council’s instructions:

“The question of house letting has been discussed by the Council-in-committee, and owing to a disagreement between the Chairman of the Housing Committee and the Council in committee, the former has resigned his chairmanship. The Council–in-committee has given direction to the Housing Committee to re-examine the method of house letting.

G Cheshire, J.P., Council chairman, presided and 11 members were present. Councillor R H Shepard, chairman of the housing committee was prevented from attending through being at work.

The “South Yorkshire Times” understands that a petition, signed by 180 residents, on the subject of house letting, was received at the meeting.

This newspaper has also received a number of letters from residents of Conisbrough Urban District on the same subject.