Houses For Miners – Conisbrough Councils Five-Year Plan

70 October 1905

South Yorkshire Times, July 21, 1951

Houses For Miners

Conisbrough Councils Five-Year Plan

Conisbrough Urban Council have accepted an additional 52 houses on their current housing allocation for the accommodation of miners. As the Council had earlier been granted an increase of 20 houses for the same purpose, this brings a total increase for 1951 of 72 houses.

72 A Year

The scheme of allocating additional houses for miners is to continue for five years, and the Council are expecting a total yearly allocation for the next five years of 108 houses, of which 72 will be ear-marked for miners.

At a recent special meeting of the housing committee, attended by Mr. Morley of the Ministry of Local Government and Mr. Johnson of the National Coal Board, the Surveyor gave details of sites which had been ear-marked for housing and other sites which could probably be made available.

Several members asked for clarification of the scheme under which the additional houses would be let, and were informed that the letting of such houses would be the entire responsibility of the Council. The houses would be erected for miners already resident in the area, and no objection would be raised either by the N.C.B. or the Ministry of Local Government to the existing system of letting houses being applied in connection with this scheme.

At the subsequent sub-committee meeting the Surveyor reported that land owned by the Council would accommodate 48 houses as the purchase of Windhill Estate had not yet been concluded, additional land for 28 houses would have to be acquired immediately to enable the yearly quota to be maintained in 1951.

Land For 1954

Windhill Farm site would be developed and utilised in 1952/3 and would hold approximately 218 houses, and the Surveyor suggested that the committee also consider making preparations for land requirements in 1954/5.

The following recommendations were drawn up by the sub-committee and approved by the full council on Monday: that the tenant of land at Denaby Thick be given notice to terminate his tenancy forthwith; that immediate steps be taken for the acquisition of land in Hickleton Street, Bolton Street and Wheatley Street, Denaby (owned by the N.C.B.), and that immediate steps be taken for the acquisition of 32 acres of land adjoining the Council’s existing site at Old Road, Conisbrough.

At Monday’s Council meeting, County Coun. R. Roberts said that non-miners might feel a little jealous regarding these additional houses for miners, but it was the duty of the Council to take advantage of this privilege. Non-miners could rest assured that there would be no “sharp-practice” at their expense.

Coun. H. Gomersall said that if housing accommodation were found for 52 miners, there would be 52 fewer applicants on the original waiting list.