Housing is First Task – New Chairman’s Call to Conisbrough U.D.C.

April 1946

South Yorkshire Times, April 20, 1946.

Housing is First Task.
New Chairman’s Call to Conisbrough U.D.C.

Coun. D, Sheldon, who was last night elected Chairman of Conisbrough Urban Council, told members they would have a very strenuous time. Foremost was the question of housing. People were clamouring for houses and the Council were trying to do their best to get houses. They would have to use all their endeavours to that end.

With regard to amalgamation a lot had already been said and had appeared in the Press from different sides. The Council would deal with amalgamation in the proper place and at the proper time. They would not try to forestall anyone, and he was certain the Council would do their best for the people they represented.

Coun. Sheldon welcomed that three new Councillors, Councillors A. Mee, D. Holltas, and T. Davey, and expressed the Council’s thanks to the retiring Chairman, Coun. I. Houghton.

Coun. G. Cheshire was elected vice-chairman and all the members of the Council were appointed members of the Standing Committee, with the addition of five co-opted members on the Horticultural, Allotments and Pleasure Grounds Committee (to be appointed by the local Allotments’ Societies), and with the exception of Coun. Shephard (Don Valley Assessments representative) on the Rating and Valuation Committee.

Other appointments made were: Library Committee; Couns. Cheshire, G. Oldfield, Shephard, Mee, C. W. Wright, Sheldon and Messrs. F Mason, J. Proctor and J. I. Webster; Baths Committee; Couns. Houghton, Cheshire, J. T. E. Collins, H. Gomersall, Area Welfare Committee: Couns. Oldfield and Shephard; Conisbrough and Conisbrough Parks Joint Burial Committee; Couns. Wright, Houghton, Oldfield, B. Roberts, Sheldon, Shephard and Wellings; West Riding Local Pensions (Conisbrough) Old Age Pensions Sub-Committee; Couns. Oldfield, Shephard, Mee, Wright, Mr. T. Shephard. Mrs. L. Collins; Doncaster and Mexborough Joint Hospital Board: Couns. Oldfield, Roberts, Wellings and Sheldon; West Riding Playing Fields Association; Coun. Roberts; Doncaster Area Joint Town Planning Committee: Couns. Sheldon and Shephard.

Conisbrough Savings Committee: Coun. Sheldon and the Clark, Mr. R. W. Birch; Education Executive; Coun. Cheshire, Sheldon and Wright; West Riding (Local Authorities). Superannuation Committee: Couns. Shephard; Grouped Primary Schools Managing Body; Mrs. A. Oldfield, and Couns. Mee, Hollings and Shephard; and St. Alban’s Catholic School Board of Managers: Coun.Collins.