How Denaby Woman Met her Death – Simple Accident in The Snow

March 1928

Mexborough & Swinton Times, March 16, 1928.

How Denaby Woman Met her Death.
Simple Accident in The Snow

Mr Frank Allen, held an inquest at Denaby Main on Tuesday into the death of Harriett Anne Roberts (58), wife of Charles Roberts, glassworker, of Glassworks Yard, Denaby Main, who died shortly after being found lying face downwards in the snow on Monday.

The husband gave evidence of identification, and said that his wife left home on Monday at about 6.10 p.m. to go to Denaby. She intended coming back to bake. Just after 6.30 his daughter ran to him and said, ” Mother’s dead.” Witness found his wife had been taken to the Station House at Denaby Main.

John Border, of 4, Cross Gate, Mexboro’, a railway porter at Pickburn, said that at about 6.30 he was coming from duty off a goods train and found Mrs. Roberts on a footpath leading from the glassworks through the tunnel to Denaby. She was just outside the Station House and was unconscious. Witness called to Mr. Kirby, who lived at Station House, and he helped witness to carry Mrs. Roberts in. She was not then dead, but she died shortly afterwards. Dr. Ford was sent for, and arrived within a few minutes.

Dr. T. Ford said he was called about 6.30 and went at once. He found Mrs Roberts lying on the kitchen floor. She had just died. Witness thought that Mrs, Roberts had fallen on her face and had been slightly stunned. Her breathing would be affected by her lying on her face, and he would say that death was due to an accidental fall, which gave rise to heart failure due to partial suffocation.

A verdict of “Accidental death” was recorded.