How Derby County Helped Denaby

April 1937

Derby Daily Telegraph, April 21, 1937

How Derby County Helped Denaby

£300 for Wilcox

“We have had a very poor playing record, and the only pleasing feature of the season has been the transfer to Derby County of George Wilcox, after playing only seven games with us. You will I’m sure, be glad to know that he is doing very well with the County.” Said Mr Taylor, secretary – manager of Denaby United, the Midland league club at their annual meeting.

Mr A Davies, the Financial Secretary, mentioned that Derby paid £300 for Wilcox, and Denaby gave Wilcox £25.

Incidentally, Derby’s £300 proving a godsend to Denaby, for without the transfer fee the club would have suffered an extremely heavy loss on the year.

As it is they lost £29 in the season’s working, and finished the year with their balance in hand reduced to £12 1s 5d. Denaby also received £50 from Grimsby Town upon Hinchliffe, whom they transfer to the Town, making his first appearance in the Grimsby first team, and £100 from West Ham, the balance of a transfer fee for Guest.