Howling Dog Pack Plagues Conisbrough

January 1956

South Yorkshire Times January 28, 1956

Howling Dog Pack Plagues Conisbrough

Council house tenants in Roberts Avenue, Conisbrough, are plagued by a pack of seven dogs “creating havoc” by digging up rose trees, carnations and other plants.

At night the howling of the dogs gives many tenants little chance of sleep.

No one in the Avenue knows where the dogs come from. They only bother tenants on the side of the Avenue nearest the open fields across which they are believed to come.

Mr Bernard Leonard said that the dogs had scratched up plants and Mr J Woodward of number nine said “It’s when I’m on nightshift that they bother me. I have to get my sleep at various times and it isn’t easy to sleep with such a noise.”

Some tenants who have dogs keep them in all day for fear of them joining the pack.

Finally tenants become so annoyed with the nuisance that they organised a petition to Conisbrough Council. At Monday’s meeting councillors agreed to make investigations.