Hull Coal Traffic – A Slightly Increased Tonnage.

February 1912

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Thursday 08 February 1912

Hull Coal Traffic

A Slightly Increased Tonnage.

The official return of the coal traffic through Hull in January shows that there was a slight increase the tonnage compared with the corresponding month in 1911, the total receipts being 532,288 tons, compared with 525,936 tons. The quantity sent coastwise was 110,448 tons, compared with 982,096 in January last year, while the exports abroad accounted for 227,993 tons, as against 273,746 tons.

South America took 22,643 tons, against 29,572 tons in the corresponding month last year; Egypt, 22,953 tons, against 12,279 tons; France, 23,434 tons, against 31,105; Germany 35,318 tons against 37,743 tons; Holland, 25,195 tons, against 37,442 tons; Italy, 28.098 tons, against 12,255 tons; North Russia, 19,069 tons, against 32,690 tons; and Sweden, 21,114 tons, against 42,623 tons.