Husband and Wife at Conisborough – A Pattern Pair

May 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 24, 1895

Husband and Wife at Conisborough
A Pattern Pair

Emma Adams, married woman, Conisborough, summoned her husband, George Adams, for an alleged aggravated and unprovoked assault upon her at Conisborough on 11 May.

Complainant, who appeared in the box with a hideously discoloured eye, and burdened with her baby, stated that on the Saturday afternoon she was in her house, the defendant being out. Soon after he came in, and the complainant found fault with him with regard to his hour of return.

After a heated altercation, the defendant commenced a threatening harangue punctuated with blows.  The worst blow was on the complainant’s eye. He most frequently struck her in the face. She was not knocked down, but staggered into a chair. The defendant, being satisfied, went out.

Complainant told the court that she was positively afraid to live with the man, and prayed for a separation order. They had never lived peaceably together since their marriage. They had been married five years and had a family of four children. Defendant was a collier, but she did not know his earnings.

Defendant, in defence, said that when he came in the complainant aggravated him, and then he struck her.

The Bench thought it a bad case, and the defendant was fined 40 shillings, including costs for the assault, and a separation order was made, the defendant to pay his wife 15 shillings weekly, to be lessened on the children being of age to work..