“I Hung Wreaths on War Memorial” – Boy Confesses

June 1950

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Thursday 15 June 1950

“I Hung Wreaths on War Memorial”

Boy Confesses

A 15-year-old boy admitted at Doncaster Juvenile Court yesterday that he climbed a war memorial at Conisbrough, took three wreaths from the base of the memorial and hung them on the statue of a soldier.

The boy, already on probation, had the period extended for a further year and he was sent to a hostel for six months.

The chairman, Mr. A. Atherton, told him: “Probably some day you will remember this if ever we are unfortunate enough to have another war.”

Chief Insp Schofield said the matter had been reported to Conisbrough Urban Council. He added that the boy was not concerned in another incident when the memorial was damaged. This was also discussed by the council.

“If the boy had been seen he would probably have been dealt with in no uncertain manner.”