Ill-treatment of a pony at Denaby Main

February 1901

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 08 February 1901

Ill-treatment of a pony at Denaby Main

Seth Walker, driver, of Denaby Main, was summoned for ill treating a pony at Denaby on 16 January.

The defendant appeared and pleaded guilty.

Mr W.M.Gichard prosecuted, and stated that the defendant was working in the Denaby Main Pit on the date in question. He was seen to kick a pony three or four times under the body. The pony was unable to do anywhere for two or three shifts afterwards. The company had no desire to press the case unduly but they wanted the men to understand they did not tolerate this ill treatment of animals.

The Bench regarded it as a serious offence, and the defendant was fined £1 including costs.