Ill Wind Leaves Mark

February 1948

South Yorkshire Times February 14, 1948

Ill Wind

The gale blew hard in Conisbrough during the early hours on Monday, but did very little serious damage. He left his mark, all the same… In an unusual manner.

Every morning, one my almost say hail, rain, snow hand blow, Conanby and Daylands residents can be certain of seeing a slight yet sturdy, little woman of 82 catch a Conisbrough High trolleybus for Mexborough. But on Monday the gale was too much even for Mrs Sarah and Oldfield, 106, Daylands Ave, Conisbrough.

She had to stay indoors… But she has since made up for it: she has been to Mexborough every morning this week since.

Mrs Oldfield is a familiar figure, dressed in black, in the shopping streets of Mexborough and further afield at Swinton, Wath and Goldthorpe. Despite her great age she is up every morning after six and her daughter-in-law Mrs Ada Oldfield told me on Wednesday:

“Her doctor says she will live to be 100.”

At Swinton Mrs Oldfield, an old Roman Terrace resident likes to visit Mrs Perry, for many years a teacher, now of course retired at Roman Terrace School.

Mrs Perry taught Mrs Oldfield oldest son Councillor George Oldfield when he was a boy. Mr Oldfield is now 62.