Illegal Canine Franchise – Muzzling Order and Dog Owners

March 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 22, 1895

Illegal Canine Franchise
Mr F. Yarbrough on the Muzzling Order and Dog Owners

Robert Guest, glass hand, Conisborough, was summoned for allowing his fox terrier dog to be at large a public highway without an efficient muzzle, and the 6th inst.

Defendant did not appear

P. C. Jarvis stated that at Conisborough on the date named he noticed the fox terrier dog running about without a muzzle. He tried to catch the animal, but it ran away. Witness followed it home.

Fined 20s and costs

James Wheeldon, carpenter, Mexborough, was similarly charged with a like offence on the third March at Conisborough

P. C. Roughton stated that on the date named, about 11 o’clock p.m. he found defendant in company with his fox terrier dog, which animal was wearing a strap muzzle. On witness examining the muzzle he found that he was able to introduce three fingers between the lever and the dog’s mouth.

Defendant said he had brought the dog from Mexborough which excursions cost him 20s including costs