Imposing on a Conisborough Innkeeper

June 1891

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 26 June 1891

Imposing on a Conisborough Innkeeper

Thomas Frampton, John Bracknell, Laurence Cahill, and John Henry Freeman, all of Conisborough, were each fined 20s., including costs, except the latter, who had to pay 25s., for “obtaining beer by feloniously representing to be travellers.”

Sergeant Carr deposed that on Sunday, the 7th inst., at a quarter to twelve he visited the Hill Top Inn, at Conisborough, along with P.c. Drury. He saw Frampton in the front room. Drury called him out and drew the landlord’s attention to him. The landlord said, ”He told me he came from Swinton.” This the man admitted, saying he had deceived the landlord. He was drinking out of a pint pot. There were three or four more men there, with a quart of ale before them.

When he called Freeman out, He said, “You know me. sergeant ?” and witness answered Yes, you had better get away.” He admitted having said he came from Swinton, and said, ” I suppose we shall have to go ? ” and witness said ” Yes.” Then the man said” I shall have another drink,” and he had one.

Bracknell was in another room and he admitted having said he came from Mexborough. The landlord said to him. “Didn’t I ask you where you came from? ” and he said “Yes.” He had a glass of beer before him, but afterwards left.

Witness asked Cahill where he lived, and he said he lived at Swinton. The landlord said,” Yes, he said he came from Swinton.” Witness said “If he lives at Swinton it is all right.” He did not know the man had left Conisborough, but he let him remain with a pint of beer in front of him. He afterwards found out Cahill still lived at Conisborough, and found him ” on the spree ” the next day. Freeman lived at Denaby.

Mr. Yarborough: None of them told the landlord correctly where they had come from?

Sergeant Carr: No.

Arthur Priestley, the landlord, corroborated the officer’s statement.

Mr. Yarborough told the defendants they might have got the landlord into serious trouble by such conduct.

They were fined as above stated.