Improvements at Conisborough.

October 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 14, 1905

Improvements at Conisborough.

The work of demolishing the old buildings in Church Street, Conisborough, is proceeding apace, and when the new shops, which I understand are to be erected on the site, are built, a distinct improvement will have been affected. They and the two shops already built will form a block worthy of one of the main streets of the village.

One can point to many other old places which one would not be sorry to see taken down and replaced by more modern structures. Conisborough is rapidly growing and if the development of the district proceeds as some authorities assure us it will do, the council will have to pay greater attention to the width of the streets, and the improvements of the buildings in the main thoroughfares. It is questionable if some of the roads have yet been properly made.

The winter is coming on and considering the rates that have to be paid their inhabitants ought not to be compelled to walk along the streets which, after an hour or two of rain, are little better than mudflats.

This, too, when whether the moon appears or not the pedestrian is expected at certain times to walk by means of its light. It is possible that Conisborough people are helping to pay the improvements elsewhere which they so sorely need in the town.