Improvements at Denaby – Ground Now Among the Best in Midland League

November 1946

South Yorkshire Times, November 2, 1946

Improvements at Denaby
Ground Now Among the Best in Midland League

At 67, Mr Tom. Hill, president of Denaby and Cadeby Miners Institute and a well-known former miner leader, is this week setting a grand example to sportsman far younger in age – but not in spirits. Despite the inclemant weather he had been directing and assisting members of the committee of Denaby United football club, of which he is a life member, with ground improvements at Tickhill square.

With concrete sections not required in prefabricated premises which the Denaby and Cadeby Miners Welfare trustees are erecting at the rear of the principal stand as a physical culture centre for young miners, Mr Hill and his fellow workers have been replacing the old wooden sleepers, which for many years have formed the boundary wall of the Denaby ground at the St Alban’s Catholic Church end.

Completely Renewed.

“We have erected a stretch 10 feet high per day, today and yesterday and we intend to do a third tomorrow,” Mr Hill told me on Wednesday, “and once we are certain how many sections will be available we intend to carry on until we have completely renewed the Catholic end. The Denaby ground is now one of the best in the Midland league. Committee men on afternoon shift are coming in the morning and those of the morning shift are coming at 2.45 and remaining until 5 o’clock, when it gets dark.”

Mr Hill added that the Welfare Trustees had purchased for £20 the long brick built building on the ground which formally was used as the home guard powder magazine store and were proposing, at the football club’s request, to alter it so that it might be used for receiving visiting directors.

Work is also proceeding this week, under the direction of Mr Walter Coates, a vice president, of Denaby United supporters club, on the erection of the supporter’s club new prefabricated headquarters. The club had been held up by the non-arrival of certain parts of the building, but Mr F. G. Lewis, secretary, stated this week that it is hoped that the work, which was being done by members, would be completed in time for the Scarborough match at Denaby on Saturday week, they were putting in a concrete floor.