Inequalities in the Denaby Mine

December 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 29, 1906

Inequalities in the Denaby Mine

Mr Frank Allen, solicitor, Doncaster, represented the Denaby and Cadeby colliery company in a series of four cases of breach of colliery rules:

Joseph Chadburn, a miner, of Mexborough, was the first and he was charged with having on 10 December, creating a breach of rule 101, by taking away extracts from a portion of the colliery which had been holed out, and the roof of which which was therefore liable to fall unexpectedly. What added materially to the gravity of the offence, pointed out Mr Allen, was that the fact thata filler was actually working in front of the portion which had been holed out, and which extended about 5 yards. Had the roof fallen by reason of the lack of support, the man would had been killed.

Defendant pleaded guilty, was fined 5/- and 11/8 costs.

William Taylor, who did not appear, was summoned for a breach of Special Rule 99, by taking down the mine matches.

Mr F Allen said the gravity of the offence was obvious, and a charge man named Charles Smith said that on the 12th of December, he had searched defendant, and had found one match in this ticket pocket.

A fine of 20/- inclusive was imposed.

Thomas Sturgess, a pony driver, was punished to the extent of 5/-and costs, for having caused a breach of rule 83, by failing to have a drag on a train of corves. Consequently when the train arrived at the head of the incline the tubs and become disconnected, breaking away and colliding with another train, and causing severe injuries to the pony attached to the latter.

A charge man named William Wright said he had searched James Young, a filler on December 17, and found two matters in his ticket pocket. The excuse of defendant was that he did not know the matters were there.

A penalty of 20 shillings inclusive was however imposed.