Influenza Epidemic in the Schools

January 1937

Mexborough & Swinton Times, Januaryv22 1937

Influenza Epidemic in the Schools

As stated in last week’s edition, all schools in the urban area are closed on account of the influenza epidemic and will re-open on Monday, February 1st.

The attendances had been poor for some days and the continued falling off gave no alternative to closure.

The doctors in Conisborough are having a very busy time with many additional calls to make.

The Sunday Schools tell into line with the elementary schools, on the grounds that it was of no avail to close day schools if children could congregate on Sundays, so the Rev. B. T. Croft has applied the closure for three successive Sundays to the Parish Church and to St. Andrew’s Sunday Schools. The last closure of Sunday Schools was four years ago.

The Parish Church Boys’ Club and the Guilds have suspended operations. The Wesley Sunday School has also closed until the day schools re-open.