Inter Club Boxing.

December 1930

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 19 December 1930

Inter Club Boxing.

Another of the series of inter-club boxing meetings was held on Friday by Frank Lane, between Denaby and Maltby, and attracted a large audience.

Sid Breese was the referee, Mr. G. Smith M. C., and Mr. A. Jolley time- keeper.

Swift (Conisboro), retired at the end of the second round to Fitzgerald (Maltby), with a damaged thumb.

Davis (Maltby), after leading on points for three rounds, was knocked out in the fourth by Sharples (Denaby). It was Davis’s first appearance as a boxer. He is a wrestler and weight-lifter.

Foster (Maltby), one who has had more fights than Sunday dinners had a stiff contest with Kelly (Conisboro’), who retired is the fourth round. Foster has a lot of experience and was too good for Kelly.

Regan (Maltby) and Hull (Coniabore) came to no decision after six tame rounds.

Keighley (Dinnington) and Gannon (Maltby) boxed a draw over six rounds.

McCartney (Maltby) beat Broadhead (Denaby) over four rounds.

The verdict of the referee in the last contest met with a mixed reception: a points win to Ashurst (Denaby) over Davis (Maltby). The Maltby party thought their man had won easily and protested. Round for round Ashurst did win. He scoored in all directions after two rounds of severe punishment; and he gave at least two stone away. In the third round Ashurst had his eyes damaged but pluckily fought on and by find defence and ringcraft he won by a narrow margin. These two will meet again shortly.

Regan again challenged Firman over rounds, but Firman does not accept. These two have met several times and Firman has got the verdict on every occasion but one.

Foster (Maltby) also challenged any pit lad at nine stones and the challenge was accepted by Stone (Sheffield).

Davies (Denaby) hopes to resume training after a long absence from the ring owing to illness.

Owing to the growth of the Boxing Club it is hoped that Frank Lane, with Sid Breeze, will open a similar club in Mexboro’. They will probably hold their classes in the Garden Street picture house. It should be a boon to the rising young boxers of Wath, Bolton and Kilnhurst.