International Swimming Honours For Conisbro’ Girl (picture)

January 1970

South Yorkshire Times, January 3, 1970

International Swimming Honours For Conisbro’ Girl

Former Conisbrough girl, Heather Jolley has been elected to swim for Zambia in the international match between Kenya Zambia v. West Germany.

Heather, formerly a pupil of Ivanhoe School, Conisbrough, has already broken five National swim records in Zambia-200 metres free style women’s champion (at 11 years), 100 metres free style record, 50 metres free style record, 1(X) metres backstroke, 50 metres backstroke, also two inaugural records, 200 metres backstroke, 200 metres free style.

Heather will swim against Olympics class swimmers and will tour Kenya with the international team, giving exhibitions in the provinces.”

She is now 12 years of age and prior to going to Zambia four years ago with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Jolley, they lived at 14, Poplar Grove, Conisbrough.

Mr. Dennis Jolley’s parents live at 17, Warmsworth Street, Denaby Main, to whom the news of Heather’s success was sent. The Conisbrough people who knew Heather will be, pleased to learn of the success that she has achieved.

The two international events in which she will take part are billed for January 4th and 11th, in Nairobi.