Invention to Prevent Mine Explosions.

August 1918

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 28 August 1918

To Prevent Explosions

Mr. Harry Hulley, manager of the Cadeby Colliery, has, invented a device for spraying underground workings with stone-dust.

The apparatus employs compressed air to project the dust, and can be used from fixed installations, in mines where compressed air is not installed, from portable cylinders.

The invention is to be employed in the company’s Denaby mine.


Leeds Mercury – Wednesday 28 August 1918

Coal Dust

Invention to Prevent Mine Explosions

Mr. Harry Hulley, manager of the Cadeby Colliery, has invented and patented an apparatus for stone-dusting colliery workings with view to limiting and neutralising the explosive possibilities of coal-dust.

The machine, which employs compressed air, ha« been in use the Cadeby Colliery for some time, and has proved a decided success. It is now to installed in the neighbouring Denaby mine, and. later, will be made available for general use in coal-mining.

At Cadeby (the scene the disastrous explosion of 1912) there are eight permanent installations of the apparatus, but it can be used in portable form where collieries are not equipped with air compressors.