Invitation from Bramall Lane Committee

June 1888

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 04 June 1888

A correspondent supplies me with the following respecting the invitation to prominent local cricketers given by the Bramall Lane Committee to practise at the ground:— Denaby Main is one of the clubs which has received the invitation, and next Monday A. Smith will to Bramall Lane, and—do whatever be is told, I suppose. In my humble opinion there are many inferior bowlers to Smith in county elevens, and is just the sort of trundler Yorkshire wants, even though he should not be proficient just yet for county honours.

He is left arm round with a tremendous and difficult break from the leg, and can vary the pitch and pace at will. The records of the clubs which have so far this season opposed Denaby Main will bear witness to his prowess. Even so late last Saturday, playing against Tinsley Park, be took eight wickets for six runs, and the first six wickets were obtained for no runs at aIL The Monday previous, playing for Mexborough against Cudworth, be took eight wickets in the first innings for 13 runs, and five in the second innings for 11 runs. These are no means isolated instances of what he has done, and his average for the season really is phenomenal. He has taken 42 wickets at a cost of 89 runs, and I will be bound to say that this analysis cannot be equalled anywhere about here.

Besides bis great command over the ball he is fair bat, capable of much improvement, however, and is smart field. For the credit of the district and for his own sake I hope he will show some of his form on Monday.

The following are his performances this season:—

BOWLING.                       Overs. Mdns Wkts. Runs.

Against Mexborough             11 … 1 … 8 … 29

Aldwarke Park                         12 … 2 … 5 … 21

Meadow Hall                           8 … 2 … 8 … 14

Cudworth (Ist)                        6 … 2 … 8 … 13

(2nd inns)                               7 … 4 … 5 … 8

Tinsley Park                              7 …5 … 8 . . 4

Total                                      51 … 16 …42…89

 Average                                              2.5


Against, Mexborough                         34

Atdw&rke Park                                      2

Meadow Hall                                       15

Cud worth                                           24 „

Tinsley Park                                        12

5 Inns—87 runs—17.2 average.


The calculation of average is not a straight division as used today  but the decimal represents the remainder after the whole number e.g.

Bowling Average today would be 89 divided by 42 which equals 2.12

The average shown is 2  = 42 x 2 = 84,  This leaves a remainder of 5 (89-84)

Thus average shown is therefore 2.5 !