Is The Husband Dead? Denaby Benedict’s Worry.

August 1910

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 27 August 1910

Is The Husband Dead?

Denaby Benedict’s Worry.

Charles Moxon, filler, of Denaby, says his wife his committed bigamy. She is Hannah Rebecca Moxon, and if the story is to be credited she has had a rough time with hubby number two. She charged him with desertion, and told the bench that they were married 15 months ago, at the Doncaster Registry Office.

On August 12th hubby asked for 3 1/2p to get a shave, and twopence to get a glass of beer. She gave him the money, and he promised to be back at a certain hour, but he disappointed her.

In the evening he returned, and offered her three shillings, telling her to go wherever the – – – – she liked., As he did not want any man’s leavings any longer. He went to his mother’s and had stopped there since.

Defendant said he found that his wife first husband was alive when they were married. That’s why they didn’t hit it. The wife informed the court that her first husband died in the Thorpe union.

The case was dismissed.