Isolation Hospital Extensions – Scarlet Fever Case Complaint

July 1938

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 22, 1938

Isolation Hospital Extensions
Further Step at Conisborough
Fresh Tenders to be Sought
Scarlet Fever Case Complaint

A further step towards the final acceptance of tenders for the erection of  the extensions to the Conisborough Isolation Hospital was reached at Wednesday’s meeting of the Mexborough and Doncaster Joint Hospital Board. At their last meeting the Board accepted a recommendation from  the Ministry of Health that the original scheme should be curtailed, and on Wednesday they decided to return these tenders that had been received in connection with the original scheme and to re-advertise for tenders.

Development Of Scheme.-

The Clerk (Mr. R. Bowers) traced the development of the scheme since it was first mooted, and said that since the last meeting of the Board, when it had been decided to make savings in the estimate amounting to £3,100, he had received a communication from the Ministry of Health suggesting that all the tenders received should be returned and that tenders under the revised scheme should be invited.

The difficulties of returning unopened tenders which were enclosed in envelopes which  did not bear on the outside the names of the tenderers, were discussed. Finally, it was decided that the Chairman (Mr. 0. S. Howden), should, in the presence of the public (represented by the Press), open those tenders and should ascertain the names„ of the tenderers without looking at the figures of the tender. This was complied with.

The Clerk said that some time ago the Tickhill U.D.C. had made an application for the terms on which the Board would be prepared to admit them as a constituent authority. Before that, Thorne R.D.C. had made a similar application and terms were agreed on which met with the ultimate approval of all the constituent authorities. The review of county boundaries was in progress at’ that .time and, as a result, Thurnscoe had been transferred ‘to another Hospital Board. With this application coming from Tickhill, it was desirable that the cases of Thorne and Tickhill should be dealt with together. The precept to be levied on Tickhill would be reckoned on a total discharged outlay of £24,489, the principle adopted being the ratio of; population with the total population of the Board’s constituent authorities.. This was now 138,610, while that of Tickhill was 2,297. The precept therefore would be £355, equivalent to a penny rate over a period of ten years.

The Board decided to acquaint Tickhill of these terms, and it was also decided, following the receipt of a communication from the Clerk to the Adwick-le-Street U.D.C., to- supply, that authority in futute with a detailed account of the progress of patients from that area.

Unusual Case.

Mr. G. 0. Henderson (Doncaster R.D.C.), said it had, been brought to his notice that on July 12th, a boy who had gained a County Minor scholarship, was instructed to present himself for a medical examination at a Mexborough elementary school. The boy’s parents were on holiday, and he was staying with his grandparents at Swinton. He left home at 9 a.m. but did not return, at the time expected. The grand-parents became anxious and the grandfather later learned that the boy had-been taken away in a motor car. Assuming that he had been taken to hospital, the grandfather rang up the Montagu Hospital and the Wath Wood Hospital, but was told that the boy-had not been, admitted. The grandparents were frantic, but, later they learned that the boy had been taken -to the Conisborough Isolation Hospital suffering from scarlet fever. Some people he added, felt that the Hospital Board was, responsible for not letting the relatives know what had happened. He knew that the Board was not, and he was mentioning the case so that the public should, know the Board was not responsible.

Mr. G. S. Morley (Mexborough); said; “To’ my mind there has been some neglect somewhere; in the relatives of this Boy not being informed.”

Dr. W. C. McClure, ‘Medical Superintendent), pointed out that when a patient was admitted to the hospital he naturally assumed that the relatives had been informed.

Mr. Cranfield thought it was not up to the Board to lay the blame for this on anyone. He apprecint8d Mr. Randerson’s object in bringing the case –forward to clear the air and proved that blame did not rest on the Board.

Mr Anderson added that in this case the relatives are particularly anxious because the father was quote conspicuous in a section of national life,” and had received threatening letters in the past. When this thing happened the relatives began to wonder whether the threats had been put into effect

In his report, medical superintendent said that there had been 49 admission to the hospital during June; 20 case of scarlet fever, 22 of diphtheria, two of erysipelas and five of typhoid.

There were two case of scarlet fever from Mexborough, one of scarlet fever Denaby, one of scarlet fever and one of typhoid from Conisbrough, and one of diphtheria from Sprotbrough. There were, in addition private from Bentley, 13 from Adwick le Street, 7 from Thorne R.D.C and 18 from Doncaster R.D.C.