It Tickles Their Fancy

March 1969

South Yorkshire Times March 15, 1969

It Tickles Their Fancy

Over the years, haggis has become as much the object of comedians’ fun as the legendary mother-in-law. But the gourmand’s delight from Scotland is finding a niche in South Yorkshire since the Conisbrough firm of Braim and Cooper became local agents for haggis.

Mr. Noel Fusco’s recently opened fish and chip shop in Church Street, Conisbrough, is one of the local businesses to offer the delicacy to the public.

Scotsman Mr. Fusco, said this week that every fish shop in Scotland deals in haggis. “It is something new in this area,” he said. “It is a change —but a very tasty one. It may not be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’, but there is a large contingent of Scots in the Conisbrough area. They are the principal customers, but a number of people are buying it and coming back again. They want something different.”

16,000 in a week

Mr Philip Wood, Sales Manager of Braim and Cooper Ltd., who are sole agents in the area for haggis, reports the sale of 16,000 haggis in one week to restaurants and fish shops. “Overall it is doing very well indeed; we are satisfied,” he said. “I never dreamt it would take on like this.”

The haggis is made in Wakefield and the finished product, which is made from mutton, oatmeal, pepper, salt, flour and a blend of herbs and spices, is distributed through the Conisbrough firm.

It only remains to be reheated at the shop.