Ivanhoe Club will entertain 100 victims of Pit Accidents

January 1964

South Yorkshire Times, January 25.

A Club will entertain.

Disabled miners, many of them from the Pontefract district,willbe entertained next week by members of Conisbrough Ivanhoe Working Men’s club.

About 100 visitors, all victimsof pit accidents, had been selected by CISWO officials who suggested the idea to club organisers to Mr George Davies, of Chambers Avenue, Conisbrough, a member of the club and a personal friend of many of the Pontefract Disabled.

Although two thirds of the club’s guests will travel from Pontefract in buses provided by CISWO, the rest will be drawn from Conisbrough and the surrounding district, and will be taken to the gathering in a club chartered coach, many of them accompanied by their wives.

Stage Show.

Tea is to be provided and later the guests will enjoy a stage show featuring several well-known club artists. In addition there will be domino and crib games between Ivanhoe members and the miners.

More unusual will be a darts tournament when the disable miners will use a specially designed dartboard and miniature archery sets.

Organising the party will be club entertainment secretary Mr Will Johnson of Daylands Avenue, Conisbrough. He told the “South Yorkshire Times” on Monday that this type of thing happen all too infrequently, and the added “If this is a success we shall no doubt hold other such evenings in the future.”

Guests of honour will include management and union officials from local collieries with representatives of Conisbrough Urban Council.

Guests will start to arrive at the club around 6 p.m. and when the evening comes a close at 11 p.m. They will have prizes and souvenirs to remind them of the generosity of the people of Conisbrough.