Denaby Utd – Attercliffe 0 Denaby 4 – Chapman’s Hat Trick

January 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, January 11.

Denaby beat Attercliffe.

Chapman’s Hat Trick

 Attercliffe 0  Denaby Unite 4

The Denaby players found the fine weather very favourable to their methods on Saturday, and they got through a lot of work on the Carbrook ground, where they met Attercliffe in the Association League. The ground was somewhat frost bound. Denaby won the toss, and chose to defend the City goal, consequently Attercliffe had to take up the slope with the sun in their faces.

The home team had the better of the opening exchanges. After a while Denaby took up the running, the home goal, narrowly escaping capture. Play for a time settled down in Denaby territory, but at length the visitors vanguard dashed down the slope, and Burgan gave a corner to check the rush. This proved unproductive, but 10 minutes from the interval Chapman
got down on the right and beating Garrison, the home full-back , gave Graney nor chance with a fine show thus registering the first goal for Denaby.

This put the visitors on good terms with themselves, and they speedily forced a couple of flag kicks, which proved fruitless. Houghton was careering along for goal when Whitehouse brought him down heavily, the resultant freekick being useless.

Another onslaught on the Denaby goal by the home left brought out Hardy’s prowess as a custodian, he falling at full-length and scooping out the ball as it appeared to roll over the line. However, nothing more was done in the way of scoring before the interval, which arrived with Denaby leading by one goal to nil.

The results of play the visitors immediately set up a hot attack on Graney´s charge; but T Hardy shot wide. A moment later the visitors were back again, and Chapman once more found the net with a beautiful shot, Graney being completely beaten.

This place the own team on their mettle, and they attacked hotly, but without much judgement, their attempts being loose and disjointed. Several times did they look dangerous, but the visitors backs plays a resolute game, and took advantage of any loose play on the part of their opponents.

20 min from half time Attercliffe got down and caused Hardy to handle. While he was in the act of clearing the ball he was brought to the ground, and the ball being shot into the goal was promptly knocked out by one of the defenders. The resulting penalty kick was entrusted to Callagan, but he made a sad mess of it shooting straight at the custodian, and though he got the ball from the rebound he could do no more than put it tamely across the goalmouth, a fruitless corner kick being conceded.

Aided by this piece of luck Denaby got away and
T Hardy
scored a third goal with a fast high shot. Attercliffe were now desperate, and attacked fiercely, their efforts at length being rewarded, Hardy only partially saving, and the ball being rushed through. Attercliffe´s position was now hopeless, but they struggled gamely on.

Denaby, after two fruitless attempts, again met with success. Just on the call of time, Chapman again scoring a rattling goal.

Team: G Hardy, goal; E Whitehouse and Lawley, backs, Cartwright, H Whitehouse and Sheldrake, halfbacks; Chapman, Ryan, Ball, Roper, and T Hardy, forwards