Denaby Utd – Jan 19 – Denaby 3 Lincoln City Res 0 – Ninth Victory Running

January 1924

Mexborough & Swinton Times – January 19

Lincoln Licked
Denaby Still on the Rising Curve
Ninth Victory Running

Denaby Utd 3, Lincoln City Res 0

Denaby United continued their conquering career on Saturday, when Lincoln City reserve were accounted for rather easily. The “gate” was again poor. Many changes were made by the visitors from the team as printed.

&Hamilton won the toss, and elected to kick with the wind from the cricket end. Godfrey early had a chance to shoot, but he put the ball across, Hamilton returning to Picknett, and Greaves took it off his toe. Picknett forced a corner, but the passing was faulty. Jones then displayed very fine judgment in running out to take the ball from Godfrey and Picknett who had worked their way close in.>

Gaining possession, Emery showed a clean pair of heels but the best he could do was to kick the ball on to Chambers for a corner, which availed nothing. Denaby had a corner from the left, but it was fruitless. Straight away a corner was conceded from the right, and Hamilton dropped the ball squarely amongst the waiting players, Jones pounced on it and fisted out, but JACKSON quickly returned, and it was diverted into the net off Picknett. The goal came after fourteen minutes.

Waites then sped along the right and eluded Coope to put across a shot which just missed the goal, MacKay ran through, but Bromage was more of a spectator than a player, having little to do. Godfrey slung the ball to Hamilton, who returned it to Chambers but Jones pushed the shot over the top. At this period Kennedy´s successor, Illingworth, was doing some pretty work. Dick Shaw manoeuvred into position and fired in a hot shot but Jones collected it. Play had been in progress thirty minutes when the score was increased. Hamilton planning the ball for GODFREY to get his head to it and neatly plant it into the goal.

Dick Coope essayed an attempt to run through, and four minutes later SHAW accepted Chamber´s pass on his head to deflect the ball into the bottom corner of the goal. Denaby were now three up, and Lincoln had not looked lie reducing the deficit. There was some good combination on Denaby´s part, but no further goals were forthcoming. A corner for Lincoln was put behind the goal. Godfrey and Picknett tried further to increase the lead, but could not and half-time arrived with Denaby still pressing.

Despite the wind the home team kept up the offensive, and Illingsworth dropped a shot on the net top. Godfrey fired in a warm one, but Jones coolly pulled it down.

Lincoln now bucked up a bit, and Mackay tested Bromage. There was now a short stoppage, Shaw appearing to kick the ball into his own face, and requiring the trainer´s attentions. Flear commenced a run, but the effort lacked finish. Foothold was difficult apparently, for the players were sliding about all over the place, the drying effect of the wind on top having been worked off, and the softer sub-soil having been worked up.

Chambers was brought down near to goal, but nothing came of the free-kick. Coope then had to kick away a fine shot of Kean´s and Emery was settling to shoot when he was bustled off the ball. Play was evening up a lot, and both goalkeepers were now having plenty to do.

Then ensued a scramble in front of the Lincoln goal, and a penalty was awarded. The referee placed the ball on the spot, but Atkin kicked it the length of the field. There was a momentary hush, then visions of Scunthorpe perhaps brought forth yells of “Make him fetch it”. Meanwhile, a policeman stood guard over the ball in the corner of the field nearest the allotments at Balby Street end. The referee called the player to him. And Atkin wisely did fetch it. Matt Taylor took the kick, but Jones anticipated his shot, and very cleverly pushed it over the top. During this half the referee had several times to speak to the Lincoln players. The goalkeeper for Lincoln was penalised just outside the “box” and the visitors did not appreciate the decision. However, the kick was taken, but there was a crowd of players in the way, and nothing happened.

Jones cannot be blamed for the defeat for he played very well throughout, and saved the score from being much heavier. The Lincoln defence found Denaby´s forwards a rare handful and did well to keep the score down to three. Lincoln appear to want forwards who can get right through and shoot hard and often, but Coope and Taylor were both on form. The Denaby half-back line looed strange with Kennedy and Hill out of it, but it was effective alike in defence and attack. The forwards all played well. Jackson still maintains the high promise of his initial appearance, and the club has got a real find in him. There are rumours of big clubs being in his doings. Denaby is finding talent this season, and credit is due to the management.