Jenkins Hits Crisps

April 1969

South Yorkshire Times, April 19th 1969

Jenkins Hits Crisps

Packets of crisps at 4d and 5d each may disappear when the Budget proposals governing the purchase tax increases in the product come into force on May 26th.

The Chancellor on Tuesday placed a 22 per cent. increase on the purchase tax for crisps— which will mean an adjustment either in the weight or price of the product.

Says Mr, C. M. Wright, Managing Director of the XL Crisp Factory at Conisbrough, “The business cannot be expected to bear the 22 per cent. increase —it would be working at a loss.”

Alternatively, he suggests, the existing 4d and 5d packets may disappear to leave a 6d packet only and the shilling packets may absorb the increase by an adjustment in weight.

“Everything is in the melting pot—nobody is sure about the increase,” says Mr. Wright.”

Individual manufacturers may have individual ideas on what is the best way of absorbing the increase.”

The effect on retail prices of the Budget proposal is to be decided by the industry as a whole. Many smaller firms, said Mr. Wright, will be watching the reaction of the market leaders.