“Join Us” Call By Denaby Team.

2 August 1969

South Yorkshire Times, August 2nd, 1969.

“Join Us” Call By Denaby Team.

An invitation goes out to Denaby soccer fans who want to spend their Saturday afternoons watching rather than playing.

Denaby Main F.C have no dislike of terrace soccer players infact they encourage them. But they would like those fans who play their Saturday football high up in the crowd to take a little more active part in the game on Sundays.

Denaby are short of players, half a team short. They play at Denaby Lane on Sundays, and any fan interested in playing would be given the red carpet treatment.

“All we want to do is play football,” said Club Secretary, 17 year old Arthur Earp, of 50, Braithwell St. Denaby.

A salesman with a Mexborough firm, he added, “Most Denaby clubs play on Saturdays when our jobs stop us from playing. Anybody else who would like to watch football on Sundays would be made most welcome.

The club was started in November, but some of the players moved away from the area, and it fell through.

“We only play friendly games, but we have got the football gear, and anybody interested should get in touch,” he said.