Joy Day for Yorkshire Miners.

December 1937

Sheffield Independent – Saturday 04 December 1937

Joy Day for Yorks. Miners
Back Pay Swells Wage Packets
To-Day is Joy Day for Yorkshire Miners.

Most of them will receive the arrears of the increases of pay they gained under the recent agreement between the Y.M.A. and the Yorkshire coal owners up by which base rates and the minimum percentage addition to those rates were increased.

The agreement made the increases retrospective to 1 September, so that the men and boys have ten weeks arrears to draw in addition to their current week’s pay. The payments range from  an average of 26s at some pits to35s  at others.

The miners of Denaby and Cadeby Main Collieries and at Yorkshire Main Colliery, Edlinglon. yesterday received their first draw under the higher wage rate scheme. They also received hack pay and it is estimated that the men took £10.000 more money home this week than they did last Friday.