Joyce Retains Title

March 1966

South Yorkshire Times March 12, 1966

Joyce Retains Title

At Hull Boy’s Club, Tommy Joyce was very impressive when defeating J Sylvester (Hull) on points to keep the North-Eastern Counties Lightweight Title. This bout, without a doubt, was the best of the evening; the capacity crowd gave both boys the ovation they had fully earned in giving an exhibition of skill and courage which satisfied the funds all tastes.

The first round saw the bulldozing Sylvester come straight to the attack hoping to put Joyce out of his stride. This was not to be. Tommy met him punch for punch with stinging straight rights to the face.

The second round was disastrous for Sylvester, Joyce now boxing coolly and confidently, severely punished his man to the face and head with a ferocity that had the Hull boy looking a sorry sight. Credit must be given to Sylvester for coming out for the final round when, in shade desperation, he plodded on, trying to land on Joyce one punch which would turn the pattern of the fight.

This was not to be; the Conisbrough boy gave one of his best performances of his career in an exhibition of box fighting at its best.

The next stage to Wembley is the Northern Counties Championship at Stratford on March 14, when he meets R. Thurston (Manchester) another English international, he has beaten twice. Thurston is another big puncher who is dangerous at all times. Tommy, however, is fully aware of this and will go all out to be fit and meet anything. Thurston can deliver.