Joyce Wins TV Bout

April 1965

South Yorkshire Times April 3, 1965

Joyce Wins TV Bout

Conisbrough lightweight Tommy Joyce again upset the odds when he outpointed Scottish Champion Frankie Gilfeather at Belle Vue last Thursday to earn himself a place in the A.B.A. semi-finals at Wembley. The bout was televised.

It was a fine performance by the southpaw against the stocky Scot, who had only been beaten in 11 of his 150 contests. Joyce’s loping, rather ungainly style did not hold many problems for Gilfeather in the first round. The Scot forced the pace and got to work inside with some good combination punches, Joyce countering with some sold left hand work.

The second round saw Joyce boxing in a wonderfully relaxed way. There was a trickle of blood on the Conisbrough lad’s face, seemingly after a clash of heads, but it was not serious enough to cause him any trouble. Gilfeather landed a couple of strong rights high on Joyce’s head, but the Doncaster Plant Works fighter took the round to even the contest. It was obvious Joyce could hurt the Scot, and he stung Gilfeather with two powerful left hooks.

It was anybody’s fight with a round to go and Gilfeather, circling away from Joyce’s big left hand, let go an overarm that could have had disastrous consequences had not Joyce swayed out of range beautifully. The Scot again landed punches inside with both hands, but Joyce boxed very confidently and seemed to be having less difficulty mastering Gilfeather’s rushes as the fight went on. As it entered the last minute Joyce really opened up and landed some strong left hooks that stung Gilfeather.

The judges took some time to tot up the points but it was Joyce’s fight and he went wild with delight. He has beaten some good men on his road to Wembley and the 19-year-old could well grab the title if he boxes as well as he has done so far. There is no doubt that he is a fine prospect. This win gave Joyce his 57th in 62 contests.