Jubilee celebrations at Denaby and Denaby Main

June 1897

Mexborough and Swinton Times June 18, 1897

Jubilee celebrations at Denaby and Denaby Main

The inhabitants of Denaby and Denaby Main are to have a good stir in honour of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, on Tuesday, and judging from the arrangements which have been made already to celebrate the event, including the engagement of special entertainers, mountebanks etc from London, and a grand display of fireworks, the attractions will afford no small amount of interest and amusement to those who are able to see them.

The committee are busily engaged in making preparations for the fete, which it is understood that will outstrip in magnitude and splendour that of 10 years ago, and which has so often been referred to amongst the villagers as being a sight never to be witnessed again.

Through the generosity of Mr John Buckingham Pope, however, the inhabitants are to be given a fete of no mean description again, and the children, especially will not be likely to forget it.

The firework display will be conducted by Messrs Tuckwell and Sons of London, and a bonfire will also be provided in the cricket field, after the sports and other entertainment.

The programme has, of course, not yet been concluded, but the order of the proceedings will be something like the following:

The children will form into procession at 9.30 and proceed all round the place, singing Jubilee hymns. Returning to their respective schools they will be provided with some refreshment, and afterwards adjourned to the field and commence with the sports.

In this connection it should be mentioned that 300 prizes will be competed for by the children of the schools, given by Mr Pope.

About 3 o’clock they will return to the schools, where they will have a good substantial tea, after which, returning to the gala field, the sports will be resumed.

Other amusements, from two until seven will be provided consisting of a Punch and Judy show, ventriloquial and other entertainment by the following eminent professors and performers, viz: Prof Crannis, Oser Hampson (comedian), and Roy Thydora (clown).

The old people not been forgotten, and a special committee has been selected to provide them with a substantial tea. This will be given in the old infant School in Doncaster Road, and musical another diversion will be given for their enjoyment.

At old Denaby the children and old people (upwards of 60 years of age), will be similarly catered for, and many, no doubt, will after tea, walk down to the enjoyment going on at Denaby Main.

At Denaby Main Church on Sunday, a special Jubilee service will be held as follows:

Morning service: special psalms , Te |Dium and Benedictus to Dykes in “F” anthem “Oh come, let us worship,” (Mendelssohn) hymns 379, 162, 368.

Evening service: special hymns, Magnificat and Nune Dimitris to Smart in “F” anthem, “O come let us worship.” (Mendelssohn) hymns 280, 24.

At each service the national anthem, the special hymn, written by the Bishop of Wakefield and Lemare’s vesper hymn will be sung.

The responses are those to be used at the service in St Paul’s Cathedral.