Jubilee – Denaby Programme

May 1935

South Yorkshire Times May 3 1935

Jubilee Celebrations – Denaby

The patients at Fullerton hospital are to be given smokes and sweets an extra visiting hours will be from 5 to 8 PM on Monday.

The woman section (British Legion) are given tea to 60 children next Wednesday at the Comrades club. The local education subcommittee have decided to attend the following schools today to hand scholars the pencils and pens presented by the County Council, and the bank books :

Balby Street Messrs H. Gomersall and G. A. Chadfield
Rossington Street, Rev. FR. J. Hall and the Rev. S. Powley
Middle School, Mr. B. Roberts, Mr. F. Roberts and Mrs. Marie Singleton
Station Road (Conisborough), Mrs. M. J. Wright and Mr. J. Roberts
Morley place (Conisborough), the Rev. W. J. T. Pascoe and Mr. R. J. Troughton

On Monday morning the Rossington Street scholars are holding a special service at 10.30. Miss Carter (Acting headmistress) the Rev. S. Powley. Mr. Watson (headmaster). Pastor Gibby, and special school choir will take part.

Following the directions of the Bishop of Leeds as Solemn high Mass of Thanksgiving with the Prayer for the king at the end will be sung at St Alban’s Roman Catholic church on Monday morning, to a Gregorian mass, Missa de Angelis dates back 500 years.

We understand that the Denaby and Cadeby Colliery Officials Club Balby Street is to be floodlit. Also that the brewery companies are allowing a certain amount of free beer per head to clubs and houses. Instead of the free beer allowance the Denaby Main industry co-operative Society has received a subscription and this we are told is being handed to the Boots for beer fund.