Jubilee – Old Denaby – Grand village celebration

May 1935

Old Denaby
Grand village celebration

“Look!” Cried somebody, “how lovely!” We looked and the children cried “Oo-oo-oo!,” as the trackless car, aflame with myriads of golden lights, travel towards Mexborough. And as we followed it, what a gorgeous panorama of capital and brilliance was to be enjoyed from the brow of this old Denaby Hill where we lit the bonfire.

First a glow from behind the woods from the bonfire at North Cliff, and the brilliant constellation of a rocket scattered and faded against the twinkling heavens then, near, a pale flicker from the “fairy lanterns” hanging in the trees at the edge of the woods; somebody ingenious had contrived these pretty things from jam jars and coloured paper. A ring of bright colours from Denaby pit, and above, a steady flicker in the sky where some distant beacon blazed. The trackless car led our gaze to the athletic ground at Mexborough, brightest spot in this illumination, and a twinkle, like a bit of October Blackpool, seen from Fleetwood when it’s night. The fishing pond caught a glimpse of it, and the reflection added to this lovely spectacle. Along the road for the parish a brief stretch of these “fairy lanterns.” Over to the West, completing the picture, the merr blaze from three beacons, arranged like the point of the triangle. The nearest was Kilnhurst way, then I think, Hoober stand, and the third beyond, but a small flicker of flame at the distance we saw it.

These old Denaby residents will back on this perfect day as they ended it with a blaze which soared 50 feet with satisfaction. They have an excellent reputation where a “reight do” is concerned, which was enhanced by the festivity there on Monday. The vicar of Mexborough, the Rev E. B. A. Somerset, conducted a short thanksgiving service in the church school in the morning. In the early afternoon, the children, 50 of them, paraded through the village waving red, white and blue, and banners, some carefully embroidered at home, and singing songs they could march to, like “It’s a long way to Tipperary.” There was a pause at “Homecroft” to wave greeting to Mrs.Bayes, headmistress of the village school, who has been ill so many weeks.

Sports for infants were held in the afternoon, then tea for children up to 16 years, and 30 old folk and unemployed in the school. An epidemic of measles in the village made it necessary to send 23 children’s tea to their homes. The children drank their Tea from pretty Jubilee cups and saucers – no mugs for old Denaby! – and took them home when the feasting was done. After tea every child in the village up to 16 years and including the youngest inhabitant, Will Dobson, who was born a week ago, received a bumper tin of toffee, an apple and orange, and a copy of Cmdr Stephen King Hall’s souvenir book, autographed by the parish councillors. The presentations were made by Mr. G. O. Randerson. Sports for the older children were held in the evening followed by various gains in which everybody took part. There was a glorious game of football with 35 players, rounders and radiogram music. Two of the villagers, Mrs. A. Ashby and Mr. A. Earnshaw raced across the field for fun and the lady was winner. Mr. Randerson distributed the sports prizes.

There was an effective display of Jubilee fireworks, with Roman candles burning red, white and blue. It was intended that paraffin wax, in about 600 special containers, should burn in a great flickering crown or other device with “God save the King” or a similar legend. Unfortunately, owing to unforeseen circumstances, it was not possible to arrange this scheme of clever illumination, and an idea of Mr. Randerson’s.

Mrs. J. Hinton and Miss M. Brown were in charge of the children’s sports, and the following ladies prepared teas, and were responsible for the decoration of the village: Mesdames G. O. Randerson, H. Neil, J. Wright, A. Spyve, J. Phipps, W. Ashby, G. Lunn, G. L. Wright and Miss A. Kirby. The members of the Parish Council took an active part in the proceedings: Messrs. W. H. Simpson, G. O. Randerson, H. Neal, J. Wright and H. Bennett. Messrs. N. Phipps, F. Dobson and G. Neil made the arrangements for the bonfire. Mr. C. Scott won the field for sports and the Denaby and Cadeby collieries, Ltd. the field for the fireworks display and bonfire.

The village was very pretty with flags and bunting flying from the cottages, and hung effectively about the trees. They continued to celebrate on the Tuesday. The children were treated to a Matinee at the Royal Cinema, Mexborough, and in the evening the social, for all adults, was held in the school from 7 to midnight. Presence of fruit were distributed to the old people and unemployed