Bristers Vegetable Pills

July 1877

Mexborough Times, First Edition 20 July

Brister┬┤s Vegetable Pills

These pills are warranted free from Mercury or other Mineral substance, and should always be taken when the “Heal – All.” is used, as they remove all internal productions, and bring the skin into a healthy, state to effect a cure.

The great call the Proprietor has had for these Pills during the last 10 years has induced him to bring them more prominently before the public.

The keywords that have been affected by these Pills are truly wonderful. One female, says.

“I have been afflicted with giddiness or dizziness in the head, and was not safe to be alone, other times I have fallen on the fire; But, by using your Pills I have been restored to my family, and am perfectly healthy.

A gentleman, who has use them for some time, was so inflicted with Piles as to be incapacitated from business, but by the use of the wonderful Pills and external application of “Bristers heal-all,” he was restored; in fact, so effectual are they, that in a few hours they relieve and often removed altogether, Pain in the Head, between the Shoulders, heaviness at the chest, Sickness in the morning, and most diseases that arise from a disordered liver and stomach.

Mr Webster, Red HouseFarm, states that he would not be without the Pills on any account.

Whaplode, October 8, 1874

Dear Sir,

I having suffered from Gravel, with extreme pains in the back, and my wife suffered as well; we were about to consult a Position, but fortunately hearing of your Grand Vegetable Pills, we tried them, and found immediate relief.

Yours respectfully, J.Freeman


To be had of all Patents Medicine Vendors, and from the proprietor,

E Brister, Conisbrough, for 15 stamps



has always on and a large Stock of


such as

hams, bacon, large, cheese, etc

also, Teas, Coffe, Tobacco, Snuff, Hardware etc etc.

E Brister , Conisboro┬┤