Election of Conisbrough School Board

July 1877

Mexborough Times – 1st Edition – July 20th Conisbrough School Board

This board which has been in existence for the past six years, had its first election by ballot on Friday last. A compromise was attempted and failed. 11 candidates went to the poll. The following of their names with the number of votes obtained by each of them:

Dr Hill 186

Major Grantham 155

Mr Millward 150

Mr Blyth 128

Mr Kilner 91

Mr Robinson 33

Mr Simpson 29

Mr Jackson 23

Mr Nicholson 3

Rev JG Wood 1

Mr.Whittaker 0

The first five named gentlemen were elected, all of them being old members with the exception of Major Grantham who takes the place of Mr Smith who resigned.

It is to be hoped the rate book will be attended to before another election, for although there ought to have been no less than 600 person qualified to vote only 200 appeared on the rate books.

One gentleman owning 30 to 40 houses and large works had not a vote.

July 27th

The New School Board – The first meeting on the newly elected school board, was held in the boardroom on Thursday evening last, the 19 inst. The only business of the board was the election of officers. Rowland Hills Esq was unanimously re-elected chairman. Mr John Blyth, vice-chairman;B Millward, treasurer;. Major Grantham, school manager and correspondent

Mr Hills afterwards proposed that in future the minutes of each monthly meeting be forwarded to the local papers, Mr C Kilmer seconded the proposition and it was carried unanimously.