Conisbro CC – Old Albion Brewery 51 Conisborough 82

1 June 1900

Mexborough and Swinton Times, June 1.

Sheffield Old Albion Brewery 51  Conisborough  82

After the match the two teams adjourned to the clubhouse (Red Lion Hotel)where a grand spread was provided by Mr H.Baker, of Conisbrough, one of the most popular supporters of sport in the neighbourhood.

After the feast of good things, tables were cleared, and Mr Baker was voted to the chair, with Mr Barraclough, vice chairman, and a pleasant evening consisting of songs and speeches followed.

The chairman, called for “God Save the Queen,” which was given most heartily. He then formally thanked the visitors for their presence, and the Conisbrough team for accepting his invitation to tea. He complimented both teams on their play.

His son’s name being mentioned (one of the Imperial Yeomanry now fighting at the front) brought forward the fatherly hope that he would do his utmost for his Queen and country, a Queen who deserved so much from her subjects.

Other speeches followed, and a full musical program made the time pass lightly.

Old Albion Brewery 51 Conisborough 82

at Conisborough

F Jarvis 6 wickets E Keys 30