Denaby & Cadeby – Jun 16 – Denaby 93 for 8 Castleford 195 – Another home defeat

June 1923

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 16

Jun 16 – Denaby 93 for 8 Castleford 195

Denaby, at home to Castleford last Saturday, fared rather better than they did at the hands of South Kirkby, but they did not cover themselves with glory, and all but suffered another home defeat

It had appeared during the morning that play would be impossible, but the weather picked up splendidly, and, with the wicket in fair condition Castleford opened their innings under a spell of sunshine. Their first pair in the crease were J. Fisher and G. Noble, who faced the bowling of Harry Shoosmith and George Worthington.

The visitors had not gone far before they were overtaken by their first misfortune. Noble was clean bowled by Shoosmith when they had only 9 on the board. Tomlinson joined Fisher, to go out to a brilliant catch by Geoffrey Soar at point, for a duck, with only another half dozen added. Shoosmith was again the successful bowler, and the third wicket fell to him, making three for 12 when Ted Tibbles snapped up Broadhead in the slips for 6. It was a smart left-handed catch.

Castleford´s score now stood at 25 for 3. Worthington, meanwhile, though no wickets had fallen to him was bowling well. Five of his first eight over´s were maidens. He was, however, relieved by Greenwood, and with Kennedy´s help in the field he sent Fisher back. Of the 45 now on the board the departing batsman had contributed 22.

Driver came in, to return to the pavilion quickly, dismissed by Kennedy, who was resting Shoosmith, for 2, and Pratt, knocking three fours, added 18.

The score had now risen to 86 for 6. Then Shoosmith went on bowling again, in place of Greenwood, and secured another wicket in …….MISSING TEXT …..


Irving Greenwood and Ted Tibbles opened, and in the first over, the former was deceived by a ball from Bayes which appeared to swing in a little. He went out for a “duck”, with nothing on the board. Then Will Narraway was caught in the slips off Bayes, for “duck” also. The decision which sent him back to the pavilion appeared to be at least a doubtful one, the ball apparently coming off the batsman´s pad without touching his bat.

It must be some years since Denaby had their first two wickets down without scoring. “Is this Cricket?” enquired the jokers round the pavilion, good humouredly, and a mighty cheer was raised for Tibbles when he opened the scoring at last with a most acceptable single to leg. But it was not long before Denaby´s third wicket fell, Geoffrey Soar putting the ball into Broadhead´s hands in the slips with the total at 6.

The batsman who followed did little more that give Tibbles a chance to make a stand, though it appeared when he was joined by Luther Robinson that a good partnership might be established. When six short of his half century, however, Ted was bowled by Bayes, and, with the total still more than a hundred behind Castleford´s, and only two wickets in hand, it appeared that Denaby might be entirely dismissed within the eight minutes that yet remained for play, as it was thought. To the surprise of players and spectators alike stumps were now drawn, the umpires declaring time.

It was a pity, for a draw could serve no purpose for Denaby and the crowd wished to see what Castleford might do in the time margin they had imagined still remained for them. The honours of the day certainly lay with the visitors, who had retrieved a bad start in striking fashion. Boyes took 6 for 27. Scores:-

Castleford Denaby J Fisher c Kennedy b Greenwood 22 I Greenwood b Bayes 0 G Noble b Shoosmith 6 E Tibbles b Bayes 44 C Tomlinson c G Soar b Shoosmith 0 W Narraway c Lister b Bayes 0 W Broadhead c Tibbles b Shoosmith 6 G Soar c Broadhead b Bayes 1 T Didlock not out 90 H Foster b Bayes 7 D Driver b Kennedy 2 G Worthington b Ryder 2 H Pratt b Greenwood 18 H Shoosmith c Broadhead b Ryder 3 H Robshaw c G Soar b Shoosmith 9 G L Robinson not out 11 G Bayes lbw b L Robinson 18 R Soar c & b Bayes 4 A Lister st Narraway b L Robinson 2 S Kennedy not out 8 L Ryder c Foster b L Robinson 12 Extras 10 Extras 13 Total 195 Total (for 8 wickets) 93